Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The meals, the trip and fun guests!

Ok. The camping trip...AWESOME. The friends, the food, the beer, did I mention the FOOD!?!? I promise I will post some entries about the food, once the appropriate people send me the appropriate pictures...(AHEM Tray & Tanja GET ON IT!) Let's just say the blueberry yogurt muffins and crab dip Tracy brought were amazing! And feeding 30 people with a rather large hunk of rib eye roast over a flaming campfire, well truthfully I am still drooling! We ate, we drank, oh man did we drink, and generally we had a most unbelievable time. But enough about me....no wait my blog, still about me :P

This week is busy INSANE with Miss Lu's dance tech rehearsal tonight and performances tomorrow and Thursday, and company. We have our favorite band of gypsies living chez Meal Planning Mama for the next few days so without further ado....

Tuesday - Chicken burgers, salad, and sweet potato fries

4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1/2 cup sliced red onions
1/2 cup green pepper strips
1 Tbsp. oil
1/3 cup your favorite Barbecue Sauce
4 whole wheat rolls, split
4 Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese Slices


Heat grill to medium-high heat.  Grill chicken 8 min. Meanwhile, cook and stir vegetables in hot oil in large skillet on medium heat 5 min. or until crisp-tender. Remove from heat; cover to keep warm. Turn chicken; brush with barbecue sauce. Grill 7 to 9 min. or until chicken is done, turning and brushing occasionally with remaining sauce.  Serve on whole wheat buns!

Wednesday - Taco salad

1 bag iceberg lettuce
1 tomato, chopped
Red onion, chopped
1/2 can corn
1/2 can black beans
1 avocado, diced
shredded cheese
1 packet taco seasoning
1 package ground beef
Newman's Own Southwest Dressing
Thin tortilla chips

Prepare ground beef according to directions on the taco seasoning packet. Layer the other ingredients in order, starting with lettuce on bottom. Pour hot, cooked beef on top.

Thursday - Buffalo Chicken Wraps (not buffalo'ed for the kiddies....)


2/3 cup franks red hot pepper sauce
1 tablespoon cooking oil
4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1/4 cup ranch dressing salad dressing
1 cup shredded lettuce
1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
4 10-inch flour tortillas (warmed)
1 teaspoon garlic powder, to taste
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste


Pre season chicken with garlic powder, salt and black pepper to taste. Combine 1/3 cup of hot sauce and 1 tbsp of cooking oil in a large plastic storage bag. Add the chicken and shake a bit to ensure chicken is evenly coated with marinade. Marinade chicken at least 30 minutes. Grill chicken until done. Slice chicken into strips. Place chicken in bowl and add 1/3 cup of hot sauce and dressing and cheese, mix well. Place chicken mixture and lettuce down the center of the tortilla. Roll tortilla in same fashion as a burrito. Cut in half. Enjoy!

Friday -Salt & Pepper Pork Chops, grilled veggies and rice

Saturday -salmon...either this Wasabi Salmon or I have a "Sweet & Salty Mango rub I might try.

Sunday- Nachos, & chicken wings



Anonymous said...

love your intro! i packed up most my kitchen so i reckon no real cooking for me this week c u soon

Unknown said...

after the weekend wehad ;), i felt less than motivated to meal plan this week but i'm definitely in for salt n pepper pork and buffalo chicken wraps. thanks for inspiring me yet again am!

Coryanne Ettiene | Kitchen Living with Coryanne said...

movers are here today...looks like take aways are the meal of the week for us too. But just love your whole concept -- will be stopping by again when we land in AZ for more inspiration.

All the best, Coryanne

Julie M. said...

We're going camping this weekend so I'd love to hear more about your menu! Glad you had a good time.

Unknown said...

All I can say is...YUM!!!

Jill said...

Mmmm Buffalo chicken wraps sound delicious! I'll have to try those! Have you ever tried Tiger Sauce? So good on taco salad! Thanks for taking the time to vote for my sister :)

Unknown said...

Jill - Tiger Sauce??? Never heard of it! And the buffalo chicken wraps were yummy!

Coryanne - Good luck with the move! And I am still trying to figure out the nest thing...

Thanks everyone else for taking the time to post a comment, you rock!