Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spaghetti Squash - What the Heck am I doing with it?

A few weeks back a friend came for dinner and brought me a spaghetti squash. Now I'm going to be honest here so get in nice and close cause after all it's kind of a secret...  I've never cooked with one... Yes, it's true.  In all of my culinary adventures I have yet to tackle the spaghetti squash.  It seems oddly foreign to me and as such intimidating.  I'd like to cook it tomorrow, or the next day so any advice is GREATLY appreciated. 

Do you cook with it often?  Or ever?  Is it a side? or used in a main?  Once again I'm ending this post with....HELP.

Meal Planning Mama

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The one in which I ask for blogger advice...

Is it a sign when your non interactive FB page and your EXTREMELY active under the influence twitter account (you should follow me there I'm funny @MPMtweets ) are far more active than your blog? Does this mean I am good-ish at social media, (I have a fairly decent "klout" score)but essentially SUCK at blogging? Can a blogger revamp her style? How EXACTLY does one do this? AND where EXACLEY should MPM go from here?

My friends, it would appear MPM is at a crossroads in her bloggy life. I suck these days at meal planning, and that is because my dearest of husbands (not that I have extra "dears" to pick from...) does a lot of the cooking. Like most of it. AND I find that when I am not the one who actually cooks, it becomes rather difficult to plan. Would anyone be interested in reading random musings along with some cool recipes and the meal plans I do actually do? Or is it time to toss in the MPM towel?

My friends it looks like it's one of those times when MPM needs a little bit o'HELP. Photobucket