Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's time to give back!

Did you know that "The HungerCount 2010 survey found that 867,948 people used food banks in March 2010, an increase of 9.2 per cent or more than 73,000 people compared with the previous year. The figure was 28 per cent higher than in 2008." ? And that 38% of that number was children under 18?!?! (source Makes you stop and think doesn't it? Makes my heart hurt a little, and makes me so thankful that I have the ability to feed my family without worry.

I am writing this post to encourage my readers (all 62 of you :>) to do something. To be kind! To get out there and volunteer or donate. Sponsor a family for Christmas this year. Participate in HEELing hunger Talk to your children, remind them how fortunate they are. Encourage them to do something for the local food bank. Let us put an end to hunger. strating in our own homes. Who knows what we can do if we all just try?


To read more of the CBC story


Mom vs. the boys said...

so true girl! we all need to help out!

Anonymous said...

I love helping out food banks when I can. Last year I did a thing called "Cans for Comments" on my blog. For every comment within a certain date, like November 1 - December 15, I donated a can of food. So if you get ten comments in that time, you'd give ten cans of food to a food bank. It was so great to help!