Monday, June 28, 2010

My confession.

I know you all think I am some amazing uber organized supah Mama but I must confess....tonight we had nachos.

Now that you are done reeling from the shock, it's true. I am by no means perfect, nor am I uber organized AND as much as I love my mad skillz, (in the kitchen and other places :P) I must be honest.... sometimes we just do the best we can. Today was one of those days.  The marinade I was going to make said it had to rest for at least an hour, which I did not have, because my almost 2 year old was to busy eating dirt and licking yogurt off of the dog. So we had nachos. And Caesars. Yes the drink, not the salad. I'll try the pork again tomorrow.


Unknown said...

AH HA HA HA! licking yogurt off the dog!??? oh amber i love it! thanks for the laugh... and enjoy the Caesars (of course not the salad!). XO

CynthiaK said...

LOL! Laughing at the licking yogurt off the dog bit too!! Hilarious!