Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer is finally here!

,As we head into the long weekend my thoughts turn to the lazy days of summers past. This will be my first summer in 3 years where I am working! I have been fortunate enough to spend the last 3 at home with my girlies, lazing in the sun, heading to the beach, enjoying popscicles while watching the clouds roll by. This year will be different and I'm ok with it. A little sad but none the less ok.

As the weather gets nicer the food in this house gets lighter and easier to prepare, well with the exception of the nachos for Monday ;) As always I love hearing what you and your families enjoy eating, so please share some of your favorite summer recipies and maybe we can inspire each other! Until next time....

Monday - Loaded Nachos
- For the adults in our house I take a chicken breast, cook it up dice and toss in Franks red hot. I layer jalapeno, and red peppers, green onion, fresh tomato and shredded cheese. On the kiddies side I take some of the afore mentioned chicken before I toss it and layer peppers, chicken and cheese.

Tuesday - Spinach salad with grilled shrimp from Cooking Light

Wednesday - Burgers and veggies and dip
....I recently decided to try wrapping my burger in a lettuce leaf instead of using a bun...delicious and fewer calories!

Thursday - Something on the road...IF I am organized enough I will make these Chicken Club wraps to eat while we drive

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be camping!