Sunday, February 13, 2011

The sun is shining.

Hmmmmmm, I just realized most of my blog post titles are about the weather. It must be an easy way to segue into a post about food, not sure I can back that statement up but let's try. Today I woke up happy, the sun is shining, Mr. M made coffee and my children have yet to fight *knock on wood* I'm thinking a nice big breakfast is what will happen shortly after I finish my plan for this week.

Last week played out well, I don't think we had one meal that was on the plan but I'm not complaining. We ate, I didn't cook. I miss cooking. But I digress.

So this week, lets see. I'm thinking fresh, and delicious. I should be thinking hearts and love but the Hubster and I are forgoing V-Day this year. My idea not his :)

As always I would love to hear from you, share your menus or just say hi and until next time...

Monday- Beer Bum Chicken, salad and rolls ('cause nothing says romance like shoving a beer can up a chickens butt)
Tuesday - Chicken Pesto pizza (using leftover shredded chicken from Monday)
Wednesday- Perogies, kielbassa and raw veggies
Thursday- Tacos with homemade guacamole
Friday- Cheater chicken souvlaki, and roasted veggies
Saturday-BBq'ed Burgers & oven fries
Sunday- Chicken wings, and taco salad ( or dressed up nachos!)


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what is planned this week. This weekend did try some new recipes. Broccoli au gratin, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and gryere and proscuitto quiche. Today just taking it easy and roasting some beets for soup this week. Might make some home made baked chicken fingers, lettuce wraps and might try Rachel Ray's Chicken and peaches. I have come across some recipes that look interesting not sure I will get to them this week Pork Vietmanese soup, and white chocolate cranberry scones. Usually monday is meatless monday and we are trying to give up beef and replace with fish now. Last week Meatless Monday I made a great lasagna....need inspiration for tomorrow's meatless meal.

Tracy said...

Those look sooooo good, I wish I could plan out meals.....I really need to start, that way supper would be half ready for my family before I scoot off to work!

Positively Pampered Patty said...

Hi there! Your blog is just what I need to get organized.