Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Get up and Go, got up and went!

I was having a horrible time focusing on writing this post today. I had zip for motivation, like ZERO. Could be the late night and the wine party, could be the snuggling with my minis and watching Ramona and Beezus, could be the fact that I don't seem to be sticking to my plans lately, you know with working and all......damn work ;)
So I came up with this one, to give all 6 of you that actually read my blog some meal inspiration! So my friends, ENJOY!

Monday - Steak Sandwiches with onions & mushrooms
Tuesday - Thai Chicken Wraps with spicy peanut sauce
Wednesday - Perfect Winter Beef Stew
Thursday - Leftover stew
Friday - Chicken Nacho Bake
Saturday-Honey Ginger Chicken Bites
Sunday-BBQ Beef Soft Tacos


shauna said...

I make that beef is the only recipe I'll use now. Delicious! The rest of the week looks good too...

Wasn't Ramona and Beezus great?

Is there such thing as winter blahs in that land of summer that you get to live in?

Anonymous said...

loooks great. Just got a new convection oven last week..our old oven stopped working on NY eve. Monday is Meatless Monday with broccoli soup made last week and froze, just adding milk and cheese tomorrow and thawing. Tuesday is beef chili with navy beans, Wed is Memphis chicken, brown rice, veggies Thursday is Pad Thai with leftover chicken, Friday is Salmon loaf and quinoa pilaf and brussels, Saturday not sure mom's night off, Sunday might be pulled pork in the crock pot. Inbetween all that for lunches and snacks making mini ww bagels with cream cheese, diced apple and cranberries, yogurt honey dill dip for veggies in lunches and for snacks, and pizza pockets in mini pitas with diced zucchini and mozza cheese and pizza sauce.

Supermom said...

I will have to try those Honey garlic chicken bites out!

Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!!! Thank you for making my week better:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind comments!!!!

Shauna, Ramona and Beezus was great! I used to read the books when I was a kid. I love that Missy Lu is reading chapter books now!!!

And yes the winter blahs are prevalent everywhere!

Anonymous - Your plan sounds AWESOME! I'd love if you could share your broccoli soup recipe...and what the heck is Memphis Chicken?!!?!?

Supermom! I can't wait to try them too! This is a new recipe for me this week :)

And to my other anonymous, Hearing nice comments makes my week better, so THANKS!