Sunday, August 22, 2010

The one where I wing it....

Wow, what a week. Our house is officially sold and MPM, Mr. M, Lu and Lex are on the move! That said I sold our table, so dinner time will be interesting for the next 2 weeks, well until move day :)

Yesterday Mr. M and I celebrated our anniversary. We had a gift certificate to an AMAZING Italian restaurant in Fernie! For those of you from the Elk Valley, you MUST try Mezzuluna!!!! The food was great, and with the exception of the cafeteria bell to let the servers know food is up, the ambiance was pretty cool too. We ate like kings!

At any rate, I don`t know how good I will be at following my own meal plan this week, but I couldn't leave you hanging so without any further ado.....Photobucket

Monday - Tacos Supreme Courtesy of My Kitchen Cafe

Tuesday - Lemon & Garlic grilled chicken & corn on the cob

Wednesday - Asian lettuce wraps from Our Best Bites

Thursday -Kickass Sirloin Steak Sandwiches These are seriously YUMMY

Friday - Over to the Kerk's for a Bye-Bye BBQ...yes, we are the ones leaving :(

Saturday - Munchies....cheese, crackers, meats, hummus, maybe shrimp

Sunday - Homemade Pizzas...I might even try Jane's secret ingredient


Karen F said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks Karen!